Enterprise & Factories

Security planners face some challenges to build a comprehensive video system for enterprise and factories

Today as network becomes an inseparable part of our life, video surveillance servers are no longer standalone, isolated, or purely analog-based. It has become a component fully merged in the network of an enterprise. To set up an IP-based video surveillance system, network infrastructure is crucial. Bandwidth, QoS, info security, network services, and virtualization are all the key conditions to an enterprise-level IP network that supports video. Hence for a good design, the concern and decision making has transited from the conventional viewpoint of a physical equipment manager of security to those of the executives of finance and IT profession

:A competent IP video system for enterprise and factories should include
  • Long and reliable video recording at excellent speed
  • Integration with legacy devices
  • 3rd-party systems integration
  • Remote-access clients
  • Supporting as many HD/MP cameras as possible
  • Videowall
  • Powerful user management
  • Powerful alarm management

The Cutting-Edge Features of GVD Platforms
  • Bandwidth economy
  • Up to 600~8000 channels
  • Reliable NVRs for long-term stable running
  • Dual monitors
  • Enterprise & multi-site designs of GVD platforms
  • Open platform

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